FIT & Groups

These are non-group tours that fit best for a couple or family who are interested in a more private experience. Some of our customers prefer to plan their own tours around specific interest or a combination of smaller tours. For a better idea take a look at our Signature Tours for a multiday experience or our 1 Day tours.

Some specific interests might be:

  • - Colonial Walking Tour
  • - Shopping
  • - Weaving
  • - Archaeology
  • - Photography
  • - Cycling
  • - Volcano Hiking
  • - Culture

We organize private group tours escorted by a tour leader who will ensure you have a fantastic travel experience and assist you with providing general information about the area. The tour leader will help you not only with services but also arranging meals, money exchange, excursion suggestions and anything you need during the trip. We may also use local guides when more specific knowledge. Accommodation will depend on the group budget, but we can fix an itinerary for: high end, mid-range and budget traveler.

Check out the ‘one day tours’ or ‘signature tours’ for sample itineraries on specific themes.

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